The Easternmost Scavenger Hunt!

A few weeks ago, the Three Seas students headed to Lubec, Maine, the easternmost point in the continental United States. Part of their coursework for the Marine Invertebrate Zoology ad Marine Botany course involved the annual Cobscook Bay intertidal scavenger hunt. Students were given 2 hours to find as many invertebrates and algae, then spent the next 4 hours identifying them. The 5 groups collected and identified more … Continue reading The Easternmost Scavenger Hunt!

Presented Live, from Palmer Station, Antarctica!

By Sandi Scripa “How cold is it outside?” “Is it true that Antarctica used to be tropical?” “How bad do the elephant seals smell?” “How many people live in Antarctica? Are there penguins there?” The fourth, fifth, and sixth graders at Johnson Elementary School in Nahant had many exciting questions for Dr. William Detrich, as he chatted with the students via Skype earlier this week … Continue reading Presented Live, from Palmer Station, Antarctica!

Caught in the act!

For our ‘Caught in the Act’ feature today, I found the lovely Kylla Benes measuring the reproductive effort of fucus seaweed. Kylla is in the middle of one of those experiments that addresses an important and straightforward question, but requires long stretches of tedious work (a fair description for most experiments, I’d say). Kylla collected seaweed from 20 quadrats and is measuring the size and relative proportions of … Continue reading Caught in the act!

Caught in the Act! A wedding fit for a marine biologist

This past weekend, our very own MSC grad student Christine Newton tied the knot with fellow marine biologist Jason Ramsey. As the title of this post indicates, everything from the ceremony location to the tablecloths at the reception made it abundantly clear that two marine biologists were getting hitched. Under a beachside gazebo in the coastal town of Narragansett, Rhode Island, with the bridal party adorned in … Continue reading Caught in the Act! A wedding fit for a marine biologist

Caught in the act: RISE 2014

Earlier this month was Northeastern University’s Research Innovation and Scholarship Expo. Students from across all disciplines presented their work to the public. If you missed it, I recommend going next year where you can learn about everything from sustainable architecture to robotic bees (a personal favorite). Here’s Lara (a fellow blogger and second from the left) at the event where she served as a judge: She joined a team … Continue reading Caught in the act: RISE 2014

Caught in the Act! A *real* scientist!

If you follow the science-y blog o’ sphere – or at least the same blogs I follow – you’ve probably noticed the increased chatter about inequality in science (academia in particular). How do we increase representation of under-represented groups (women, minorities, etc.) and (in very colloquial terms) make them feel as though ‘they belong’ (i.e., that they are an equal in all regards)? The answer … Continue reading Caught in the Act! A *real* scientist!