Three Cheers For…!

The past month has brought a lot of good news, recognition, and mile-stones for the hard-working graduate students here at the MSC. First and foremost, a congratulations to a student who made it “across the finish line” and successfully defended their thesis. On April 11th, Catherine Matassa defended her PhD dissertation on how “Ecological context shapes the response of consumer to predation risk”. Job well done! … Continue reading Three Cheers For…!

Caught in the Act! A *real* scientist!

If you follow the science-y blog o’ sphere – or at least the same blogs I follow – you’ve probably noticed the increased chatter about inequality in science (academia in particular). How do we increase representation of under-represented groups (women, minorities, etc.) and (in very colloquial terms) make them feel as though ‘they belong’ (i.e., that they are an equal in all regards)? The answer … Continue reading Caught in the Act! A *real* scientist!

The Great Plankton Count!

Scientists need your help identifying and counting plankton! Plankton are uber important – they make-up the base of food webs, drive ocean chemistry, and can even influence global climate and fisheries. So studying and understanding these tiny creatures can help scientists understand some pretty big and important phenomena. Typically scientists tow fine-mesh nets through the water column to capture plankton, which are then stored in … Continue reading The Great Plankton Count!

Marine Labs and Field Stations – Your Research Home Away from Home

I am very fortunate to be based at a marine lab for my graduate studies. Situated at the MSC full-time allows me to head out to the field at any moment to test out field gear or get a project going – all from the comfort of “home”. If I’ve forgotten something or a piece of equipment fails I can easily run back into my … Continue reading Marine Labs and Field Stations – Your Research Home Away from Home

Caught in the Act! MSC Grad turned Journalist!

A few weeks ago our very own Dan Blustein departed the MSC for a 10-week stint as a journalist with the Raleigh News & Observer. Dan was awarded a 2013 AAAS Mass Media Fellowship – a fellowship that pairs science graduate students with a mass media outlet so they can hone their science communication skills. A skill, that many of us scientists know, takes lots … Continue reading Caught in the Act! MSC Grad turned Journalist!