If not you, then who?

Lynn youth use their voices to champion storm drain improvements. Last month I had the pleasure of representing Northeastern University Marine Science Center at the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service event put on by Lynn Community Association. On the drive in, I was listening to a segment on WGBH Boston on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, discussing the importance of face to … Continue reading If not you, then who?

Weird Mollusks Science Café

“What a great concept. The only thing better than talking about sea shells, is talking about sea shells over great beer and great food,” recounted T.J. Cullinane when asked about his experience at Northeastern’s Marine Science Center’s latest Science Café. The event, an informal night of science, occurred on Monday, November 5th at Gulu-Gulu in Salem. Following Halloween, the theme featured the weird science of mollusks—a group of invertebrates including … Continue reading Weird Mollusks Science Café

School to Sea AND Sea to School for Lynn Students

One of my favorite parts of teaching with the MSC Outreach Program is seeing all the excited faces when I tell students that they get to meet the tidepool animals. It doesn’t matter how much the students knew about the ocean already, they were ready to learn even more. In the past six months, over 1000 Lynn students were able to see the tidepool critters … Continue reading School to Sea AND Sea to School for Lynn Students

MLK Day in Lynn

By: Lisa Wu This past Monday, January 15th, the city of Lynn came together to celebrate its 7th annual Martin Luther King Jr. day of service. After a presentation about Martin Luther King Jr. and other leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, participants were invited to join different activities. Volunteers from the Marine Science Center (MSC) hosted a table in the Lynn Museum and talked … Continue reading MLK Day in Lynn

Celebrating Biodiversity with Bioblitzes – Coast to Coast

(Cross-posted from Ocean Genome Legacy News) In the past year, Ocean Genome Legacy (OGL) has been recruiting people from all walks of life to help document and preserve the deep offerings of our oceans. On September 10, you can too! OGL co-hosted Bioblitzes across the country with citizen scientists and future leaders in marine biology. These biodiversity-themed events provide opportunities for folks to explore, identify, … Continue reading Celebrating Biodiversity with Bioblitzes – Coast to Coast

There’s a New Crab Investigator in Town

(Cross-posted from Ocean Genome Legacy News) Asian shore crabs, a highly invasive species, first appeared on the coast of New Jersey in the late 80s and have since spread up and down the East Coast. This winter, a talented high school student named Margaret “Maggie” Slein and her science teacher, Raymond Whitehouse, came to the Ocean Genome Legacy (OGL) at the Northeastern University Marine Science … Continue reading There’s a New Crab Investigator in Town

First grade gratitude takes the sting out of winter

From toddlers to retirees, my motto is that the science bug can bite you at any age, and so its never too early to start getting young scientists out into the field exploring nature! Boston Public Schools teacher Naomi Mulvihill agrees, and that’s why we were both so jazzed to work together this fall to plan a Marine Science Center field trip for Naomi’s first graders from the Sarah … Continue reading First grade gratitude takes the sting out of winter