Caught in the Act! A wedding fit for a marine biologist

This past weekend, our very own MSC grad student Christine Newton tied the knot with fellow marine biologist Jason Ramsey. As the title of this post indicates, everything from the ceremony location to the tablecloths at the reception made it abundantly clear that two marine biologists were getting hitched.

Under a beachside gazebo in the coastal town of Narragansett, Rhode Island, with the bridal party adorned in ocean blue dresses and sea star earings, Chris and Jay read their self-written vows, in a short but moving ceremony.

The newlyweds pose for a photo following the ceremony

After the ceremony, the wedding party and the guests spent some time enjoying the coastal scenery and beautiful spring weather, before heading to the reception at a nearby farm. As we made our way inside, I was delighted (while undoubtedly non-marine biologist guests were confused) to see that the tables were labeled as genus names! And most appropriately, the genus names corresponded with the study organisms of the Bride and Groom: seaweed and sharks, respectively. Fellow blogger Kylla Benes and I were so thrilled that we high-fived upon finding out that we were assigned to the Fucus table – even though you might think we’d be sick of that particular genus of brown, canopy-forming seaweed by now….

I kept my table assignment rock and this Fucus table label…I am such a sucker for marine themed nicknacks…
Doesn’t that table cloth look adorned with seaweed? Or is it just me?

Other fun marine themed accents included a penguin and a shark in the place of the traditional bride and groom wedding cake toppers, floating candle holders filled with seaweed and sharks teeth, and table cloths that were very reminiscent of seaweed…although I may just be projecting my love of seaweed onto everything at this point.

Ace of Cakes: you’ve got nothin’ on the creator of this coastal-themed cake!

One thing is for certain, it was a truly a wedding fit for…not a king and queen…even better: marine biologists!

Congratulations to Chris and Jay!


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