New England salt marshes: so great, it’s Madness?

April 1, 2019 This past Monday, we hosted our latest Science Cafe, MarshMadness, showcasing the curiosities and intricacies of one of our favorite coastal habitats, the salt marsh. Marshes may not feature in this month’s basketball brackets, but our speakers made sure to highlight many reasons why studying, monitoring, and restoring salt marshes are slam dunks for coastal conservation. Dr. Robert Buchsbaum of Mass Audubon … Continue reading New England salt marshes: so great, it’s Madness?

Weird Mollusks Science Café

“What a great concept. The only thing better than talking about sea shells, is talking about sea shells over great beer and great food,” recounted T.J. Cullinane when asked about his experience at Northeastern’s Marine Science Center’s latest Science Café. The event, an informal night of science, occurred on Monday, November 5th at Gulu-Gulu in Salem. Following Halloween, the theme featured the weird science of mollusks—a group of invertebrates including … Continue reading Weird Mollusks Science Café

Beach Sisters

Beach Sisters is a collaborative program between Northeastern’s Marine Science Center & Girls Inc of Lynn. You can learn more about the program from this link: The Beach Sister Peer Leaders had a busy year sharing their passion for our marine environment. In addition to teaching weekly marine science lessons to elementary and middle school girls at Girls Inc., they were actively involved in … Continue reading Beach Sisters

Sustainable Choices for Healthy Oceans

Health of the oceans If the Oceans were to go to the doctors for a physical, they would be told that they are overheated, acidifying, and full of trash; but this isn’t a new diagnosis. On a global scale, the ocean surface (upper ~250 ft) has warmed by about 0.2 degrees fahrenheit every 10 years from 1971-2010 (IPCC ). Since the early 1800s, the oceans … Continue reading Sustainable Choices for Healthy Oceans

Dispatch from the field – OGL expedition to Cozumel, Part 2

On the second day of OGL’s scouting trip in Mexico, divers explored the breathtaking biodiversity at two locations along Cozumel’s coral reef. Surveys of fish and coral abundance at both sites revealed a variety of corals unparalleled elsewhere in the region. The first dive was on Palencar Reef and took divers through a network of cave-like structures. These revealed four species of black corals and … Continue reading Dispatch from the field – OGL expedition to Cozumel, Part 2

Mysterious marine creatures washed up by storm

I was cleaning up storm debris in Nahant the other day with some coworkers and other community members, and we came across these bizarre creatures in a mass of algae that had been washed up onto the sidewalk. None of us had seen anything like them before. I am a fan of invertebrate zoology, and my initial thought was that these were peanut worms (phylum … Continue reading Mysterious marine creatures washed up by storm

MLK Day in Lynn

By: Lisa Wu This past Monday, January 15th, the city of Lynn came together to celebrate its 7th annual Martin Luther King Jr. day of service. After a presentation about Martin Luther King Jr. and other leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, participants were invited to join different activities. Volunteers from the Marine Science Center (MSC) hosted a table in the Lynn Museum and talked … Continue reading MLK Day in Lynn