Video: the Beach Sisters investigate inland flooding

By Muna A.

The Beach Sisters are a team of youth who work with an AmeriCorps fellow at the MSC and Girls Inc of Lynn to present STEM programming to younger students and coordinate community projects. Muna, pictured here presenting at this year’s MLK Day of Service, shares insights about her recent work with the rest of the Beach Sisters and their resulting video.

This past year, the Beach Sisters worked on many projects related to environmental changes happening in our community of Lynn, MA.  One of our projects was inland flooding research and advocacy through the Community Partners for Resilience project, or CPR. CPR was organized and supported by the New England Aquarium and funded by NOAA. They wanted to bring three communities in the Boston area (Hull, Chelsea and Lynn) together to help inform and give solutions to climate change in their city.  

Inland flooding is the result of heavy rain and snow storms caused by climate change. The water created by these events end up overwhelming systems and then we have the type of flooding seen in the city over the last few years.

Environmental activism has always been important to the Beach Sisters, so this is another opportunity to directly contribute. We decided the best way to convey our message and information was through an informational flyer we shared at community events, video with each Beach Sister making a section on a part they were interested in covering. We initially had the idea for an in-person forum to inform the public. Even though our idea for a problem/solutions based inland flooding forum with the Lynn community got cancelled due to COVID-19, we are hoping our at-home video lesson will still get our message out there. 

One challenge in making the video (linked above) was getting all the information collected. I ended up having to make last minute additions on my section for the Strawberry Brooke Project. There are so many lanes to go down with climate change, and inland flooding in Lynn has not had much public coverage as I hoped. It required a lot of emailing and getting in touch with important people. My favorite part of this project was being able to interact with the community and seeing people’s common struggle with inland flooding. Knowing that we can help bring some awareness to inland flooding is amazing.

I want people to learn from our video/project that this issue can affect us all and we need to come together as a community to save our home.

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