MLK Day in Lynn

By: Lisa Wu

This past Monday, January 15th, the city of Lynn came together to celebrate its 7th annual Martin Luther King Jr. day of service. After a presentation about Martin Luther King Jr. and other leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, participants were invited to join different activities.

Volunteers from the Marine Science Center (MSC) hosted a table in the Lynn Museum and talked with participants about the research and educational programs at the MSC. Volunteers helped the Peer Leaders of the Beach Sisters Program with stations where participants could learn about recycling, pollution, and ecosystems of their home city.

mlk day 4
MSC volunteers show two enthralled children the local shells of Lynn. 

One of the stations was a Gigapan Virtual Tour of Red Rock Park in Lynn made by some of the girls at Girls Inc. Congressman Seth Moulton even took a peek at the work that the girls completed and seemed to be very interested! Another big hit was the Enviroscape Watershed Model: large groups of kids and adults gathered around to see a demonstration of how water run-off can lead to polluted waterways. The model showed that when there is pollution on land, it eventually makes its way into waterways. Unfortunately, due to the snow, the trash clean-up around the city was cancelled. However, people were still able to learn about trash and recycling with an activity in the museum. A huge pile of what seemed to look like all trash was dumped onto a tarp, and people had to sort the items into either garbage, recycling, or compost. And surprisingly to many people (and even to me!), most of the items could be recycled.

The Beach Sisters demonstrate how to use the Enviroscape Watershed Model.

One of the most exciting parts of the event was receiving 143 signatures in support of the petition to ban plastic bags in Lynn that the Beach Sisters are organizing. This is a great start to helping reduce the amount of plastics being used!

amount of plastic bags used a year by one person
This costume worn by a member of the Beach Sisters shows how many plastic bags a single shopper goes through in one year.

There were so many other activities that were offered, and it would have been amazing to participate in all of them! I didn’t have time to because I had so much fun helping out both the volunteers from the MSC and from the Beach Sisters. It was wonderful to see so many people come together to make what could have been just a day off from work and school a great day of service.

the beach sisters and seth moulton
The Beach Sisters with Congressman Seth Moulton.

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