Blog Revival!

Welcome to the new look of the NU Marine Science Center Blog!

After a *brief* hiatus, the blog is ready for a revival – we’ve got some veteran and some new bloggers, and we are embarking upon an action packed summer of field work, diving, research, and outreach to blog about! Stay tuned to read all about it!

To get things started I wanted to promote another blog that I have been enjoying lately, called Strictlyfishwrap. Everything from the name of the this blog, to the head editor, U.Maine PhD student Skylar Bayer, is pretty cool. However, I may be a bit biased, because in the past month, two MSC graduate students have been featured on this blog!

First, former MSC PhD student Kylla Benes was interviewed about her research on brown seaweeds in the Gulf of Maine. Listen to the interview here! 

More recently, current MSC PhD student Marissa McMahon was interviewed regarding her research on the implications of the Black Sea Bass range expansion into the Gulf of Maine. Listen here!

For more posts about science going on here at the MSC and beyond, click the “Follow” button to the left!


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