Snow Day Entertainment


If you live in the northeast, you’re probably enjoying a snow day today. So go ahead and get comfy on that couch, make some hot cocoa, and enjoy all the sciency videos the internet has to offer. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Watch Bill Nye debate evolution with the president of the Creation Museum, Ken Ham. The debate occurred last night (Feb. 4) at the Creation Museum in Kentucky. Parts are frustrating to watch – how are we even still having this debate in 2014?!? – but the Science Guy makes an articulate and impassioned argument on behalf of evolution.
  • Prepare for the Sochi 2014 Olympics (starting this weekend!) by learning about the science of winter sporting events. The National Science Foundation and NBC learn partnered to produce a series of videos about the science of the winter Olympics before the 2010 games and just released a second series focused on the science and engineering of the games. Learn how polymer scientists help develop speed skating competition suits, how curling uses physics, and many more facts sure to impress your friends.
  • Do you know about the Brain Scoop with Emily Graslie? Emily is the Chief Curiosity Correspondent at the Field Museum in Chicago, which is basically the most awesome-sounding job title ever. Emily investigates and shares all the cool/interesting/gross things happening behind the scenes at the Field Museum on the Brain Scoop Tumblr and YouTube channel. Ever wonder what a double coconut is? Or what it’s like to skin a dead wolf? Emily has the answers.

Photo by blmiers2 / CC


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