Panama Perspectives – Day 35 (02/05/14)

One of the great things about 3 Seas is the unique hands-on, real-world experience that is built into the curriculum. For better or for worse – though I like to think for better – this includes test taking. While the students have certainly had their share of traditional written exams, we have also conducted two field tests, both entirely underwater.

students before exam
Everybody loves an early morning field exam! Look at those smiling faces!

While the students were last minute cramming, the staff popped out to some obliging seagrass beds to set up the exam. This involved moving nervous fish from tanks to a cooler to buckets.

fish in buckets
And you thought you were having a rough day.

Once the specimens were all in place along a transect, the students entered the water armed with their dive slates and snorkel gear. Each submerged bucket corresponded to a question on their slate about the species it contained and said animal’s lifestyle.

students taking exam
Fish are friends

Stay tuned for more Bocas-style academic adventures.


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