A Deluge of Defenses!

As Kate recently blogged about, the past week or so has been a very popular time for graduate students here at the MSC to “defend” their work. For those who aren’t hip to the grad lingo, a defense is basically a presentation of your work, after which a daunting “committee” of scientists with years of experience in your field get to ask you questions and determine if you work is relevant, thorough etc. Providing the committee deems your work worthy, students move to the next stage in their degree, such as going from PhD student to PhD candidate when you defend your proposal, or from PhD student to Dr. when you defend your dissertation.

All of these presentations have meant many opportunities for those not defending to take a break from their own work and learn about someone else’s, which is always nice.

Congratulations to everyone for all their hard work!

David Combosch and Liz Bryson for defending their dissertations to become Drs!

Kylla Benes and Sarah Donnelan for defending their PhD proposals to become PhD candidates!

And to Three Seas Students: Steve Heck, Jen Davidson, Victoria Selesnick, Barbara Spieker, Katie Keumpel, Rosie Falco and Stephen Ranson, for defending their internship projects to receive their Professional Master’s Degrees!

And now with all these defenses done, time to enjoy the best part: celebrating!


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