Annual Open House – Sat. Oct. 5th – be there or be square!

I know the title of this post is super cheesy, and to be honest, coming to the Open House on Saturday will probably make you more of a geek than you already might be, because of all the amazing science you will learn about!

This Saturday, Oct. 5th, from 10am-3pm is the one day all year that the MSC is open to the public and all the researchers, students and staff come together to share their work with visitors.

This year’s Open House will be the 5th MSC Open House in which I have had the privilege of participating, and to be honest, I have never been more excited! This year, our goal was to make the Open House bigger and better than ever, so the research labs were challenged to come up with new, fun and interactive activities to explain their research to visitors.

As a sneak preview to some of these awesome activities, visitors will get to take a stab at building a coral reef out of marine debris, predicting the impacts of overfishing on a marine food web, placing marine animals in their preferred habitat, completing a science field-work obstacle course, pulling a seine net to catch fish at Canoe Beach, chatting live with researchers in Antarctica and much more!

This event is perfect for the whole family: while parents get the chance to learn about current research on processes impacting their local coastlines, kids get to touch a blue lobster, and make a fun marine craft to take home! (Adults are allowed to touch the blue lobster too, but are often much more hesitant than the kids)

So if you are looking for something fun, educational  and FREE to do this Saturday, head over to Nahant for the annual Open House and bring your friends/family!  See you at Saturday at East Point!

MSC Open House 2013


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