Summer Field Season has Commenced!

While I have been doing some field work here and there since May, it doesn’t seem official until I do the first “big” trip to get things going in Maine. On Wednesday me, my labmate Brendan, and two brave volunteers departed the MSC for a 8 day field work trip in Maine. That’s right, Kate isn’t the only blogger who gets to go to beautiful Maine for the summer!

On this trip we have two objectives. I am setting up an experiment to test for adaptation to tide height in Fucus vesiculosus and Brendan is measuring growth in the same seaweed species in shaded and unshaded plots. Right now, we’re setting up the experiments at sites on the central coast of Maine and Sunday we’ll head Downeast to Lubec, Maine. I am always nervous at the start of these of trips – worring about what I might have forgotten and hoping weather and/or broken equipment won’t get in the way. So far so good! Even despite having to fix a couple of drills after day 1.

Yesterday we were in Chamberlain, Maine setting up Fucus growth plots, taking in pretty views, and watching Littorina snack on seaweed.





IMG_8754 IMG_8763


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