Grad Student ‘Science Fair’

Last week the graduate students from the Department of Biology got together for a 2-day graduate student symposium – day 1 was held on main campus and day 2 was at the Marine Science Center. I kind of think of these types of things as grad school ‘science fair’ – a chance to show-off your ‘science project’ to all your classmates and teachers. Obviously, at this stage, the complexity of and time spent on these ‘projects’ is much greater than when we were in grade school.

Our department is extremely diverse and the presentations reflected this diversity – biochemistry, microbiology, physiology, developmental biology, bioengineering, ecology, evolution, genetics – pretty much every biological discipline was represented. And this, in my opinion, is the main benefit of the graduate student symposium. With such disparate interests and half of us on main campus and the other half at the Marine Science Center it is almost impossible to interact with everyone on a regular basis and even know who everyone is within the department. The symposium gives us all a chance to interact and present our research in a low key setting with lots of good food!

A very big thanks to those faculty who came out to listen to our talks – especially Drs. Erin Cram and Jon Grabowski who organized the event and secured funding for food and prizes! Dr. Cram personally made over 70 sandwiches to satiate us til BBQ time!

Congrats to those who won best presentation and honorable mentions – chosen by your peers! (A very high honor!)

2013 NEU Biology Graduate Symposium, Winners:
Kylla Benes (*moi*)
Tiziana Cafarelli
2013 NEU Biology Graduate Symposium, Honorable Mention:
Philip Strandwitz
Antonia Vitalo
Sarah Gignoux-Wolfsohn
Bijaya Sharma
Brittany Berdy
Matthew Norton
Manasa Madasu
Se-Woong Park
Pooja Balani
Silvia Libro
NEU Grad Symposium 2013-2
Picture by Chris Marks (

Looking forward to next year!


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