At first I was a bit hesitant to dive into the world of Twitter, particularly for the purposes of communicating science. I never thought I’d be able to convey anything meaningful in 140 characters or less. However, after last summer’s Science Communication Workshop (that I wrote about here), I learned from some science-inclined Twitter pros how powerful the tool can be.  Science tidbits are quickly distributed to a wide audience and lead to virtual conversations. Sharing pictures, articles and videos is a snap too. By tweeting you can connect with science lovers all over the planet. And now that I’m serving as a Twitter Ambassador for Northeastern’s College of Science, I’ll be tweeting about robot lobsters, neuroscience, life as a grad student and much more.  [If you’re interested, follow me @bloostein or NUCOS @NortheasternCOS]


This week me and my fellow NU tweeters participated in a weekly science chat hosted by @NortheasternCOS. This was the first in a regular series of weekly science chats that take place Wednesdays at noon on Twitter. You can follow along and participate by using #sciencechat


Check out the Storify about this week’s chat to see what you missed. For those who don’t know, Storify is a cool tool that is used to compile tweets and associated material to craft a story. I recommend it to organize the Twitter chaos a bit and to save Twitter happenings for future use in an easily digestible form.


Maybe I’ll catch you on the #sciencechat next Wednesday at noon!


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