Show me the Money! Crowdfunding Science!

Tis the season!

And no, I am not referring to the holiday season – it’s grant writing season! That time of year when grad students, post-docs, and PIs alike take on the task of applying for fellowships, scholarships, and grants (big and small) to fund their research (and for us students) and education. We all frantically write our well-supported thoughts and ideas down in a way that, we hope, gets reviewers excited about and willing to send us fat checks so that we can continue our dissertation research, graduate, and promote and advance science, etc., etc.

With deep budget cuts traditional funding sources from agencies such as EPA, NSF, and NIH are becoming more competitive and more difficult to get.  So some scientists have turned to crowdfunding to get the money they need to do their good work.

The SciFund Challenge started in 2011 in light of the success of other industries ability to fund projects via crowdfunding. A few weeks into round 3, the SciFund Challenge has proved not only to be a unique way for scientists to raise the money but it also gives citizens a way to directly fund projects that interest them.

Are you concerned about the well-being of adorable, small and furry mammals? Want to help understand the connections between mangrove trees and microbes? Interested in helping Haitian fisherman better manage their fishery? Are you interested in the development of biomarkers for the diagnosis and treatment of autism?

Well, now you can fund projects such as these and many others via the SciFund Challenge! So head over to Rocket Hub and take a look for yourself and remember to donate to your favorite project – you have until Dec 15th!


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