Is it really the end of the summer?!

This year (#5 of my PhD) is one devoted to the analysis of data and writing of my dissertation, and for most of the year I will be in Istanbul, Turkey. As summer ends and the school year begins I am thinking about the autumn New England weather and traditions I’m missing… apple picking, leaf peeping, and going for runs around my neighborhood in the evening when the air gets crisp.  One of the activities that I have tried to keep up through grad school is running, for both the physical and mental benefits. Running is one sport activity that travels very well while moving around between the North Shore, Panama (for research), and Turkey (to visit family), but not everywhere has the quiet streets and parks that New England does. For me, running is an excuse to be outside, to spend time with running partners (including my dog), or just have some time to myself to reflect. On the North Shore (particularly in Salem) there are lots of organized running events, which I found would keep me motivated to keep up with a regular training schedule.  Both Kylla and I finished the Wicked Half Marathon last year (and she did again this past weekend. Go, Kylla!!), and that was my first time ever completing such a distance (check!). A week ago in Turkey I ran the Ankara 1/2 Marathon, and hope to run the Eurasia 15 km in November – and by run, I mean jog. If you want to find out more about running events in your area, check out this link.

Kylla and Me and the Wicked Half Marathon finish last year.
Me and Pinar at the Ankara Half Marathon.









And as a sidenote – I enjoyed this interview with Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to compete in the Boston Marathon in 1967. Amazing how much attitudes about women and sports have changed in the past 45 years.


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