SCUBA diving for cephalopods

A marine biologist’s work chores are often less ‘chore-like’ than the responsibilities associated with other professions. Here’s a photo of me on the Caribbean island of Bonaire about to head off to do some octopus research:

While many go SCUBA diving for fun, we actually get to go diving for work. Closer to home we dive in the cold, dark waters of Massachusetts which some say is less exciting work than tropical diving, but I think it’s just as fascinating. When we’re doing our research dives, we’re often asked to bring things back for others- these can be either animals to fill the Center’s touch tanks for visiting school groups or specimens for someone else’s research. Check out these squid eggs that a diver at the MSC recently retrieved:

The coolest part is that those squid eggs recently began hatching. Squid are notoriously difficult to raise in captivity so we were quite surprised when we spotted these squid hatchlings swimming in a tank at the MSC:


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