First Week of the Semester – Welcome Three Sea’s Students!!

This week I was sad to say goodbye to summer but excited for the start of a new semester as a TA for the Three Seas Program. On Tuesday the students arrived for their first day orientation to check out the Marine Science Center, and meet all the faculty, grad students and staff who will aid in their education for the next year. I was in charge of greeting the students and their parents and guiding them through the maze of construction that is the MSC right now.

Ted, our Dive Safety Officer, set me up with some sweet accommodations as I welcomed the Three Sea’s Students

As part of this intensive marine biology undergraduate or professional master’s program, students spend a semester each at three different marine labs: the Marine Science Center in Nahant, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama and Friday Harbor Marine Lab in Washington, experiencing three diverse marine environments throughout the year.

The first semester in Nahant is designed to give students a strong foundation in marine biology with classes like Marine Ecology, Diving Research Methods and Experimental Design and Statistics. For the second year, I am TAing the lab for  Marine Ecology, taught by my advisor Dr. Matt Bracken. I am excited for a jam-packed semester of intertidal field-work in Nahant, Maine and New Hampshire and I hope the students are too!


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