Silly Boys… Science Fair is for Girls!

I have mentioned my interest in increasing gender equality in the sciences in a previous post. This post is about getting girls interested in science at an early age, good music, and coming full circle with outreach programs…

Recently, I was browsing the internet (not at work of course) looking for potential local shows by some of my favorite musicians. Upon entering Laura Veirs’ website (one of my all time favorite artists!), I was disappointed to see she had no upcoming shows but was intrigued by one of her latest projects, contributing a track to an album entitled ‘Science Fair’. I love Ms. Veirs and I love science, so of course I had to investigate further…

Cover art – ‘Science Fair’ album

Science Fair’ was released by Spare the Rock Records, a recording company affiliated with Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child indie music radio program. This is only the second album for the record label – the first of which benefited Haitian relief efforts following the 2010 earthquake. ‘Science Fair’ is a compilation of tracks performed by female artists and is aimed at getting young girls interested in science – with track names such as ‘H2O’, ‘Phytoplankton’, and ‘I am a Scientist’ its gotta be good!

All net proceeds go to supporting and promoting girls’ participation in science. More specifically, the funds go to Girl’s Inc. science education programs – an organization (Lynn, MA chapter) that the Outreach office here at the MSC works with directly with the Beach Sisters Program.

Amazing music (Ms. Veirs I love you even more now!), promotion of girls in science, and direct support of an awesome organization the MSC is directly been involved with –Win! Win! Win!

So go grab your copy of ‘Science Fair’ today!

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