Caught in the act!

Today, while I was collecting my weekly water samples I “caught” Kylla helping COSA students with their NaGISA surveys. COSA is an annual summer science academy at the MSC in which high school students are fully immersed in marine science for two weeks. For the second year, COSA is participating in a collaborative summer science program, in which camps around New England conduct intertidal surveys using the NaGISA protocol and compile the results in a database for use by scientists. Earlier this summer, I helped Girls Inc. with their NaGISA surveys and today Kylla is doing the same for the COSA students. I was lucky enough to snap a photo of her explaining the different types of encrusting algae including the “bubble gum pink”, Crustose Coralline and the the “wine stain red”, Hildenbrandia.

Kylla lends her algae expertise to some COSA students

Kudos to Kylla for aiding in the education of these budding scientists!


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