Sharpen your pencils

Oh my gosh, I hate to say it, but its almost time to for ‘back to school’. I cringe when I see the first ad for school supplies in the newspaper (I think it was in July this year!) and I think most students and teachers do too! I actually love school (obviously, since I think I am technically in the “19th grade”); it’s just that starting new classes or a new school can feel so intimidating and unfamiliar. This year is actually a little exciting for me though since I am helping ease this transition for new students. I am starting a new position as the Vice President of Academic Affairs in the Northeastern Graduate Student Government and have thus been really involved in getting ready for the new student orientations. We are setting up information sessions at the department orientations to let incoming students know what activities and services are available on campus, and we are planning our annual welcome reception to start students with a warm greeting to students in other programs and departments. Right now I am trying to brainstorm a list of ways to get involved on campus, so leave a comment or send me your suggestions (lewis.lar at if you think of any!


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