Visiting Woods Hole

This summer I had the opportunity to visit a fellow scientist at Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole. This complex is on Cape Cod in Massachusetts; it sits on a little peninsula jutting into Buzzards Bay with a view of Martha’s Vineyard. During my short visit, I was able to take a personal tour of the facilities, sit it on some talks presented by visiting scientists, and help my colleague with some experiments at the Grass Laboratory. It was really interesting visiting another marine science center; there are so many differences between MBL in Woods Hole, and Northeastern’s Marine Science Center in Nahant. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip!!


Thats a picture of a Dogfish Shark. I probably should have realized that the little creature on Dogfish Head  beer is an actual species, but I hadn’t given it much thought!


Here is a ‘Jonah Crab’ (Cancer borealis) with an electrode implanted into the stomatogastric nervous system. This experiment is called an ‘in vivo’ experiment, where the nervous activity is recorded from a whole, live, and behaving organism.


Voila!!! A successful recording of the activity of a nerve in the stomatogastric system!


Nobska Lighthouse in Woods Hole. The whole area around the MBL is spectacularly beautiful.


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