Women in Science

This one is near and dear to my heart so I am posting twice today…

It is no surprise that there is unbalanced representation of genders in the sciences, especially as you move up the academic ladder. For example, here at the MSC the graduate student body is about 60% female and the year I graduated with my MS, the CSUN graduate marine biology program was 76% percent female. In both cases the faculty were, and are, 100% male. This seems to be the norm in marine science; graduate student cohorts are typically mostly female whereas the faculty are male dominated. While the reasons why have been heavily debated/discussed for a long time, I particularly like it when credit is given when credit is due – women have been kickin’ ass and taking names in the sciences for centuries!

The Smithsonian, in honor of Women’s History Month, has posted a collection of pictures of women in science and they need your help to identify some of the scholarly ladies!

Thanks Smithsonian!


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