Thermotaxis is better than incometaxis.

Note the chiller on one end, and the heater on the other. I hope to add section dividers and a light flow to establish a linear temperature gradient.

One topic that really interests me is thermoregulation, which is essentially an organisms ability to regulate its internal body temperature in spite of a changing environment. We see exhibits of thermoregulation all the time– such as a dog panting after exercise or in hot weather, or my collection of winter coats, snowpants, and hats that I need stay warm while skiing (or just to survive Boston winters). Thermoregulation is more difficult for animals that can’t internally regulate their body temperature, such as a turtle or a crab. In this case, we often see a phenomenon called ‘thermotaxis’, where the animal moves towards warmer or colder temperatures to regulate their body temperature. Right now I am building a tank with escalating temperature gradients to run some experiments on thermotaxis. Here is a sneak peek at my design!


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