Heredity Podcast

Very good podcast from the publishers of heredity, an evolutionary genetics journal published by the British Genetics Society. Short interviews, conversations and presentations about recent and classic papers including background information, applications, future questions etc. in a relaxed pace and easily digestible but still jam-packed with interesting information and thought-provoking ideas… highly recommended!!! e.g. for daily commutes

The May 2012 edition is such a perfect mix and a very good example:
Story 1 is about dog genetics. Philip Hendrick from Arizona State is discussing potential reasons why there is such extraordinary phenotypic variation in dogs (i.e. all the different breeds). A nice, logic example of genetics in everyday life. (after all, there is nothing special about dogs, i knew it 🙂 )

Story 2 is about selection in ejaculates. Natural selection on sperm traits (speed, size…) is very intense in guppies due to direct sperm competition. Not quite an everyday-life story but very interesting stuff about selection trade-offs and evolution.

Story 3 is about long distance dispersal of pine trees in Spain. The authors showed the pine pollen not only disperses (travels) but also fertilizes pine trees over distances over more 100km.

+ short stories about measuring inbreeding, malaria resistance evolution, the evolution of genetic modularity.

enjoy 🙂


One thought on “Heredity Podcast

  1. Just started listening to this, based on your recommendation. Very cool discussion on convergent evolution of echolocation in bats (based, at least in part, on convergent evolution of the gene prestin) in the Jan 2012 edition. Will be downloading the rest for my commutes 🙂

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